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Before You Start

• The majority of people who want to build a structure have never built anything before. They have no idea what's involved so most go to a contractor, expecting him to do everything. That's one way to go but a little education can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

• Lumber Link is a Post-and Beam building system that uses connectors and hangers. This is NOT stick-building that uses trusses every two feet sitting on stud framed walls. The advantage is that you don't need a crane to lift the trusses onto the frame, and you can do-it-yourself.

• You do however, need to ensure your frames (or Bents) are structurally sound. This can only be determined by our qualified architect. Every county has different codes and every building location is different. Since the passing of the IBC (International Building Code) a great number of cities and towns have adopted and enforce this code. (Yes even on farms in the middle of nowhere.) Some require engineering stamps. Socket Systems provides both.

To determine your total building cost you need 3 things!
A Lumber Link Price. 2. A Building Plan Price. 3. A Price on lumber. You can get all THREE by calling a representative at 800-724-8250. We will go over in detail your specifics and help walk you through the building process.


Watch this two-story Gambrel, with Porch addition, being built.
The steps shown here are NOT the only method of raising frames, just an example. Every builder is different.
Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. We all know it looks simple, but Building Plans are usually required by County Inspectors. Our associate Jeff Krentz will design anything from a small garage to a home. Plan costs are based on the structure usage, and start at $600. Socket Systems offers discounts on these plans (ask a representative). Visit Jeff Krentz Design, call 866-844-8622 or for a sample of his work.


Where Do You Live
Wind and Snow affect your building! Depending on where you live, these two conditions will determine the distance you can space your building frames. MOST Lumber Link buildings use 8ft. Bay Spacing. Snow loads 60 psf and over require Bay Spacing 6 ft. or less, while 0 to 15 psf. areas may be 10 or 12 ft. depending on wind requirements.

Choose a Building
Lumber Link offers 4 basic Kits and 1 Porch Addition Kit that can be used as seen or combined with accessories to create a wide variety of buildings. Tell us your building use. We often make suggestions that save our customers money and add space. (Want ideas of completed buildings? Check out our Samples first).
Call for building Kits up to 60ft. wide.
Foundation Construction,
Local building foundation requirements must be met first and foremost.

Piers must be reinforced with re-bar, meet the local frost depth and sit on appropriate footings of 20" minimum.
Solid wall foundations or filled cement blocks can also be used.
Floating Slabs with footings and expansion bolts can also be used.
Skid Mount may also be used were building size is appropriate.

Floor Covering

The floor covering is up to you.

• Cement floor (heated or not)
• Dirt floor for barns and storage.
• Skid Mount or Raised First Floor.
• Lumber Link can be built on complete or partial foundations.
Type of Wood
Posts: Posts must be #2 or better Construction Grade, Dried Timbers, Build-ups (edge nailed), or LVL's. Typically 6x6.

Rafters: Rafters must be #1 Construction Grade, Dried Timbers, LVL's (laminated veneer lumber) or Glulams. Typically 6x8 for Gable roofs and 6x6 or 6x8 for Gambrel roofs.

Species: Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, Cypress, Hemlock, or Poplar. Hard woods are not recommended.

Building Your Frames
If no Second Floor Connector is used, assemble your timber and Sockets on the ground. Place the Hinged Frame Anchors onto the vertical posts in position for raising and final anchoring to the Hinged Base.
Install Haunch Braces and Collar ties in Gable roof buildings. Not required for Gambrel roofs.
Place roof purlin clips on two foot centers.

Advantage: Most construction is done safely on the ground, saving time.

Raising Your Frames
This is the real Magic of Lumber Link! Starting at one end of the building, line the tabs on the Hinged Frame Anchor into their respective base plate. Lifting the frame can be done by hand with the assist of a gin-pole, pull straps and a winch. If available, heavy equipment, tractors, four-wheelers, backhoes, trucks, etc. can be used.
Finish Framing
Once the Frame is raised, temporary supports are put in place. Roof purlins are then screwed onto clips from the peak down, working both roof sides simultaneously, squaring the building.
Buildings with second floors are raised without the rafters. Second floors are then completed and rafters are partially assembled and raised by hand using two men and a 10ft. ladder.

Wall Framing:
Walls between beams can be typical stud walls or exterior horizontal Girts with vertical supports placed every 16", 24" or 48" depending on building requirements SIPS panels are a perfect option for walls in finished houses.

Roof Options
The choice is yours. Metal roofing or shingles meet average Dead Loads. Ceramic or composite roofs require additional support.

Plywood is laid directly onto Purlins or structural SIPS Panels are an excellent choice.
2" x4" stringers can be mounted perpendicular to the Purlins leading out to an overhang for a free air flow above your insulation.
Purlins can be recessed to create a flush roof.

Second Floor Options
Our NEW Second Floor Connector allows an LVL (laminated veneer lumber) Beam up to 18" tall and 28' long max. to sit directly onto the Posts. Longer widths can use Glulams or steel beams.

Socket Systems also offers Steel and Wood Beam Hangers which require additional vertical bracing.
Optional  Steel Beam Clamps connect vertical wood studs to the bottom of metal I-Beams.

Optional Metal Haunch Braces support steel or wood second floors

Additional Options
There is virtually nothing that can be built that will not work with Lumber Link buildings.

Sample Lumber Link Buildings:
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