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Lumber Link Kits
  • Eliminate Trusses
  • Makes room for a second floor
  • Uses rough-cut 6"x6" lumber or wood members
  • Eliminates treated wood saving the environment
  • Frames can be PULLED upright without a crane
  • Frames DON'T sit in concrete to eventually rot
  • Frame assembly done on the ground
  • Allows for lower eaves and higher door openings

Lumber Link Kits > K2006
SKU: K2006
Lumber Link Monitor Barn Kit
 (7/12 and 4/12 Pitch)
SKU: K2006
(1) Monitor Barn Kit which will make (1) frame (less lumber). This Kit uses Hinged Frame Anchors for the center section and Rigid Frame Anchors for the Porch connectors.
Price: $POA

Lumber Link is sold in Kits. (1) Monitor Kit will make (1) frame Bent (less lumber).

The Kit contains the following items:

(1) 6x8 Gable Peak Elbow, 7/12 pitch, PT#3507
(2) Hinged Frame Anchor Kits, PT#5100
(2) Universal Haunch Elbows, PT#8550
(2) Rigid Frame Anchors PT#6000
(2) Upper Porch Hangers, 4/12 pitch, PT#8525
(40) Lag Screws
(8) 1/2"x7" Grade 8 bolts
(4) 3/4" Grade 8 bolts
(8) 12" Anchor bolts
(36) Washers
(24) Common nuts
(8) Jam nuts

- Rafter Beams MUST be #1 construction grade timber, LVL (laminated veneer lumber) or Glulams

- The maximum width of Lumber Link interior space is 30 feet without custom bracing.

- The length of your building is up to you.

- The majority of Lumber Link buildings use 8ft or 10 ft. Bay Spacing

- The maximum height of your building is determined by local building codes.

- Maximum side wall height is generally 14 feet without a second floor.
Purlin clips are spaced every 2 feet.

- Posts and Beams MUST be cut at correct angles for 100% contact within sockets.
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