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Lumber Link Kits
  • Eliminate Trusses
  • Makes room for a second floor
  • Uses rough-cut 6"x6" lumber or wood members
  • Eliminates treated wood saving the environment
  • Frames can be PULLED upright without a crane
  • Frames DON'T sit in concrete to eventually rot
  • Frame assembly done on the ground
  • Allows for lower eaves and higher door openings

Lumber Link Kits > K2000
SKU: K2000
Lumber Link Gable Kit
 (7/12 Pitch)
SKU: K2000
(1) Gable Kit 7:12 pitch is our standard which will make (1) frame (less lumber). This Kit uses 6x8 Rafter Beams and 6x6 us for pricing different pitch sizes are available 4:12 to 12:12
Price: $POA

Lumber Link is sold in Kits. (1) Gable Kit will make (1) frame Bent (less lumber).

The Kit contains the following items:

(1) 6x8 Gable Peak Elbow, 7/12 pitch, PT#3507
(2) Hinged Frame Anchor Kits, PT#5100
(2) Universal Haunch Elbows, PT#8550
(20) Lag Screws
(4) 1/2"x7" Grade 8 Bolts
(4) 12" Anchor bolts
(16) Washers
(12) Common nuts
(4) Jam nuts

- Rafter Beams should be #1 construction grade timber, LVL (laminated veneer lumber) or Glulams.

- The maximum width of Lumber Link interior space is 30 feet without custom bracing.

- The length of your building is up to you. The majority of Lumber Link buildings use 8ft or 10 ft. Bay Spacing.

- The maximum height of your building is determined by local building codes.

- Maximum side wall height is generally 14 feet without a second floor.

- Purlin clips are spaced every 2 feet.

- Posts and Beams MUST be cut at correct angles for 100% contact within sockets.
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