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Lumber Link Kits
  • Eliminate Trusses
  • Makes room for a second floor
  • Uses rough-cut 6"x6" lumber or wood members
  • Eliminates treated wood saving the environment
  • Frames can be PULLED upright without a crane
  • Frames DON'T sit in concrete to eventually rot
  • Frame assembly done on the ground
  • Allows for lower eaves and higher door openings

Lumber Link Kits
    Description   Price
  SKU#: K2000 Lumber Link Gable Kit
(1) Gable Kit 7:12 pitch is our standard which will make (1) frame (less lumber). This Kit uses 6x8 Rafter Beams and 6x6 us for pricing different pitch sizes are available 4:12 to 12:12
  SKU#: K2004 Lumber Link Gambrel Kit
(1) Gambrel Kit will make (1) frame (less lumber). This Kit uses 6"x 8" Rafter Beams and 6" x 6" Posts. Maximum width for this Kit is 30 wide, 8 ft. Bay Spacing depends on which area you want to build.
  SKU#: K2006 Lumber Link Monitor Barn Kit
(1) Monitor Barn Kit which will make (1) frame (less lumber). This Kit uses Hinged Frame Anchors for the center section and Rigid Frame Anchors for the Porch connectors.
  SKU#: K2008 Lumber Link Expanded Gable Kit
(1) Monitor Barn Kit which will make (1) frame (less lumber)
  SKU#: K2009 Lumber Link Porch Kit
(1) Porch Kit which will make (1) frame (less lumber). Upper Porch Hanger must be thru-bolted to a solid post.
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