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Most questions about Lumber Link have been addressed in Easy As 1-2-3. Here are a few additional questions. Please do not hesitate to call 800-724-8250 with any other inquiries.


Q. What if I want a bay door opening on the length-side of the building?
A. A vertical column can be eliminated by resting a roof frame on a wood or steel header.
Q. Can I remove the (framing) form boards from my building perimeter.
A. Yes. If you elect to pour a cement floor you can remove the forms after pouring. (A clever trick is to place a cleat on the inside of the form board before concrete is poured, then attach a metal channel to the concrete and attach siding to it.)
Q. What if my code calls for 130 mph wind-loading? Can I use Lumber Link?
A. YES, With modifications. Our generic engineering to 80 mph is satisfactory for the vast majority of building applications, but where severe conditions exist those buildings we recommend you engage a professional engineer. Pictured is perforated metal strapping used for additional wind bracing.
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